Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Spy on Successful Affiliate Marketers

A valuable tool that can help you succeed in half the time would be Keyword Spy which is a fantastic spy tool for affiliate marketers.

You can see what adverts and keywords other affiliates are actually using. You can simply steal their keywords, re-write the advert and your good to go. It even shows you which program the affiliate is using and if your a clickbank affiliate it even provides you with the programs hoplink to the landing page.

Just imagine how much time this would save you on ad testing and choosing the best keywords. You can simply see the best keywords that have proven conversions and add them straight into your adwords account.

The best affiliates to spy on would be the ones who have a few products and a low keyword count. This would help you more as the affiliate may have started out with 1000 keywords for a campaign and after he has tested the keywords he may only have around 50, so watch out for these affiliates as these keywords will have been selected due to high conversions.

Keyword spy will even show you the Return on Investment for each keyword, the affiliates advert position and how many competitors there are on google for the keyword.

Enjoy and Succeed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Learn Affiliate Marketing From Successful Affiliates.

If i was aware that affiliate marketing was easily learned from other successful people when i first started then i would have probably been successful 5 years ago.

I learned affiliate marketing the hard way, on my own. I would not suggest this to anyone as i have personally wasted around 3 years of my life just finding out what works and what does not, this is because i would not accept help or pay for anyone to teach me.

I would pay $5000 to a successful affiliate marketer to show me if i knew then what i know now as this is the amount, if not more that i have lost trying to make it as a successful affiliate marketer.

Just imagine been able to look over the shoulder of a successful affiliate marketer as he shows you exactly what he does to make a living online and he allows you to copy his methods to make your own full time income using the internet.

This type of service is available but it comes at a price. These days the economy is in a state but these mentors can still charge upwards of $100 per month to teach you how affiliate marketing really works.

You would not believe how simple affiliate marketing actually is when you see it done right in front of your eyes. When someone can show you exactly what to do in a video then there is no questions that you can ask as it shows you step by step.

My advise to you, if you want to make a full time income online within the affiliate marketing industry then find yourself a good mentor who can teach you everything you need to know. This will save you years of research and a whole lot of cash.

Making Money From Your Hobby.

If you want to start a business online and make substantial amounts of money then you can build a business that is related to your hobby.

How great would it be if you could make money by providing other people with information and resources about your hobby. You are passionate about your hobby and many other people will be passionate about the same thing, this gives you and your readers an instant connection.

For example, if you like reading books then you could start a blog about the books you have read, what you thought about the story line and give detailed posts within your blog that explains your feelings towards a book you have read.

You can make money by posting a link on your blog that directs people to amazon where the book can be purchased and you get paid a percentage from any sales.

This is just an example, but im sure you know what im talking about. If you have a hobby and you can find affiliate programs that offer products or services related to your hobby then you will make your first dollar in no time.

The key to success with this is that you are passionate about your hobby and people will be able to sense this when reading your blog posts.

To setup a blog you could try the free service offered by Blogger. Start to write daily posts that explain anything to do with your hobby or provide information and resources that are related to your hobby.

Then signup for an account at where you are sure to find products and services that are related to your hobby and place adverts using the codes from CJ on your blog. You can also place Adsense on there too to make a few more dollars.

Everytime you make a post, bookmark the post address on Digg, Buzz and StumbleUpon, making sure to put it in the right category. Join forums that are related to your hobby and chat with people and after a few week, add a link to your website within the signiture of your posts to create traffic to your blog. Make sure that the forums allow you to use links to your site within the sig.

Create a new twitter account especially for you new blog and make a tweet everytime you make a blog post and remember to add a link to your blog post within the tweet. Browse the twitter directory and follow people that are related to your hobby. Type your hobby name within the search box and follow people on the list. This will create some traffic to your site that is targeted and will make you some cash for sure.

By reading this post you can now start your own blog that is related to your hobby and make money from it. Its as easy as that

Friday, September 18, 2009

How to Start an Internet Business without Capital

I often meet new Internet marketers on various forums and they aspire to earn the big bucks
like some of the well-known personas out there, such as Yanik Silver and Bryan Kumar.
However, most of these new marketers have only the slightest ideas on where to start, and a
lot of them are not willing or able to invest a startup capital in their online business. However,
it is almost impossible to start an Internet business without spending some money on basic
infrastructure such as web hosting, domain names and so on. Hence, here is a rough guide on
how to build an Internet business starting with $0.
The first and most important thing to do is to list out all your skills. What skills do you have?
You may have picked up these skills through daily life (for example languages), through your
job (hands-on knowledge on a specific niche) or from your hobbies (for example fishing). It is
most vital to list down skills or knowledge that you have and might be in demand elsewhere.
For example, you love fly-fishing and you do it every day after work. You may build your
Internet business upon this: writing an instructional guide on fly-fishing, teaching people how
to do it, etc. Best of all, you do not need to spend money to acquire this knowledge: you
already have it.
So, the very first option, if you have no money to start off your online business, is to earn some
capital using your already existing skills or knowledge. You can give tuition to students on
your dominant subject in college, you can teach stuff about your hobby to people who are
interested, you can write guides on knowledge or skills you picked up through experience and
cannot be found in theoretical books.
Okay, let's say if you just can't think of any skills or knowledge that people might be interested
in. Then, it's most important that you locate a workable business model and focus on that
alone. You can obtain almost everything you need through bartering, web hosting, domain
name or credit card processing, to name a few in exchange for your product (if you own one)
or services like copywriting, ghostwriting and website designs. There is always some mundane
job that people don't want to do, and you can do that for those people in exchange for things
you need. You just need to ask for it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Are you aware that all you need to become an affiliate marketer is a program to join and a domain name with a forwarding feature.

You can signup to Clickbank without a website and get started straight away. You will then need to browse the Clickbank Marketplace to find a product that is best suited to you.

Choose a Product within a category that you know the most about. You will be suprised of how many products are connected to your hobby.

Then you will need a domain name. I buy all my domains from Godaddy as its very easy to use and to configure the forwarding feature.

Make sure your domain is relevant to the product or service that you have chosen to promote as an affiliate so it makes you look more professional.

Login to godaddy, go to Domain Manager, Tick your domain and navigate to the forwarding option at the top. The add your affiliate hoplink from clickbank within the field and submit.

Remember not to mask your domain, just forward it. If you mask it, the cookie required to track your sales will become disabled and you will not get credited for the sale.

Now you will need to wait for the changes in godaddy to propergate throughout the internet and then your ready to rock.

Just simply advertise your new domain on relevant forums, google groups, article websites, classified adverts and Social Networks to make some commissions. You can find these by searching on google.

if you can buy a domain name,just sign up with and start promoting

Make Money Online with Free Information

What if i told you that you can make massive amounts of cash online just by offering free information. You may call me insane but its true.

When people search the internet, its usually to find information on a certain subject, product or service instead of looking to buy something straight away.

What you can do is offer these people free information on whatever is searched but ask for an email address to receive the free information.

You can use newsletter software that you can find for free across the internet or use professional auto responder software such as Aweber.

Its a known fact that people will buy something after recieving around 5 to 8 emails of free information, you need to build up buzz within the series of emails you send, so by the end of the free email series, the reader will want to take action.

You can use this method with any product or service that provides a cure to a problem. If someone searches online to make money from home, you can offer them free information on this subject and then after around 5 free emails, start placing your affiliate links within the emails that direct to a service that offers a Make Money Course.

You will find this a very effective method and becomes alot easier to sell as you break the customer in gently instead of going in for the kill straight away as many searches are scared away once they are aware that all you want to do is take their cash.

Within your emails you need to build up a sense of trust that you are willing to help them for free to make their dreams come true and after a while the reader will enjoy your effective emails and will look out for your free information everyday.

After a week or so you can reccommend a paid service that will help them with the issue they wish to ressolve, whether it be to lose weight, fight acne, gain muscle or make money online.

Always send around 5 emails with no affiliate links in and on the 6th email, reccommend a product, then send five more free informative emails and then one that reccommends a paid service. You can carry on doing this until the subscriber opts out of your list. You could make money from one subscriber for years to come.


There is one thing you can count on when you begin your own business. You wont be bored. There are
plenty of details to work out; a number of tasks that await each day. You wont find yourself looking at the
clock very often, , thats for sure!
What do you do? Thats easy! What ideas do you have? More importantly, what would you like to do?
What are your current interests? What hobbies do you have that you did like to work at more and make them
Lets say you have a vivid interest in history. Youve spent a lot of time reading history books. Lets say
you've even specialized and most of your reading is about the American Civil War. Do you think there
might be something you can do about the Civil War?
Of course there is! If you have a computer and subscribe to the Internet, why not try polling people via
e-mail about their interest in a Civil War newsletter that you will publish monthly on line! A substantial
interest will help you set a subscription price and begin enrolling people. If you have enough interest, this
could be your full-time job. Youll spend the month coming up with the assorted items for the monthly
newsletter, from articles about unusual aspects of the war, to commemorations of anniversary-related
events that month, to news about meetings held everywhere for other Civil War enthusiasts, to book
reviews of the latest volumes written. If you have an interest in the Civil War, you will know that there isnt
any period of history which has generated more interest and more books about the particulars.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


everybody dream of being their own boss. This is true for many reasons. First, America has that
kind of promise. If you play by the rules, you can accomplish virtually anything; just ask any number of
Korean and Vietnamese immigrants who fled their countries to come here and start up their own
businesses. They are truly a late 20th century success story in this country.
Second, its usually not very fun working for someone else. There are plenty of rules to follow. There are
specific hours to be in the office. There are specific sales goals that must be met. And on and on. Your
own business isnt going to be a vacation, but when you go in early and stay late, youre doing it for you;
not for the person who signs your paycheck.
Third, the control of running your own business is both exciting and, at times, overwhelming.
Responsibility is at your feet. There is no one to pass the blame off to, but small business owners wouldnt
have it any other way. They take a chance every day by running their own shop. Yet most wouldnt trade it
for working for someone else again if they can possibly help it. The risks are great, but the rewards can be
There are many sad stories around this country about people who dreamed big, who had a good idea, but
who couldnt summon up the courage to take it any further than their own thoughts. Afraid to take a
chance, they passed up the risks and the rewards of striking out on their own. At the end of their lives
there is always that doubt, always that wonder, always that speculation, about what their lives would have
been like if they did only taken that one chance.
The independence that comes with being your own boss also calls for rigid discipline on your part.
Because you are the one setting your own hours, there is no one to tell you what time to start, what time to
knock off, what time to take lunch or how much work must be accomplished each and every day. This is
the drill you must teach yourself. You have to set your own goals and objectives, financial and otherwise.
Youll have to analyze your market, what you will produce, how much it will cost to produce, who you
will distribute the product to and how much you will charge.
You must know what your profit margin will be on each unit. Knowing the profit margin and how long it
takes to produce one unit, will help you to set up your work schedule. It might be ten to twelve hours a
day to start, much longer than you worked for someone else. But instead of a paycheck equal to a small
portion of the profit, youll keep the entire profit margin for yourself. Its a whole new world!